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Song Of India Perfumes

Song of India in Delhi make a wonderful aromatic range of perfumed oils.

They are a concentrated, non alcoholic perfume that uses natural products where ever possible.

The perfume will last for many hours if kept dry on the skin with some incredible smells.

Their dedicated lab team do wonders in bottling scent's that can take you on a mystical journey to

far away lands without even leaving home.

Try One Today from this wonderful Range and begin to notice people asking 'what perfume are you wearing?'

Available in Perfume Oil in Roll On or Mini Bottle, or Our Solid  Perfume...WHY NOT BUY ONE OF EACH

Song of India Natural Fragrant oil made from essential oils. Shelf life 5 - 15 years. As they age, they become darker, thicker and more pleasant in fragrance. Roll on bottle.

Song of India Solid Perfume in smooth rosewood jar. Made with essential oil, wheatgerm oil, shea butter, aloe vera extracts, beeswax and vegetable wax. Not...

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SOI Solid Perf Rose 6 Grams
SOI Perfume BLACK MAGIC 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume BUDDA DELIGHT10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume DRAGONS BLOOD 0mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume FRANGIPANI 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume AMBER 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume BLACK MUSK 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume Cannabis 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume FRANKINCENSE 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume Honeysuckle 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume KAMA SUTRA 10mL Roll-on
SOI Perfume LAVENDER 10mL Roll-on
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