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Kama Perfumed Oil is the Original Love Oil

It has been prepared according to the original 1971 formulation using only the very best ingredients available.

Consisting of fresh top notes of bergamot, exotic spicy middle notes of cinnamon & cloves, with rich floral notes of rose, geranium & tuberose. The base note is woody, balsamic & leathery with patchouli, vetiver & oakmoss.
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54.95 AUD
Kama Buddha Sticks 12pk
6.95 AUD
Kama Buddha Sticks 1X 30 sticks
24.95 AUD
Kama Buddha Sticks 5pk
24.95 AUD
Kama Cream Perfume 15gms
14.95 AUD
Kama Deodorant 50ml
24.95 AUD
Kama Hand & Body Lotion 350ml
29.45 AUD
Kama Hand & Body Wash 250mls
9.95 AUD
Kama Indian Love Soap 100gms
26.95 AUD
Kama Massage & Body Oil 280mls
14.95 AUD
Kama Perfumed Mini Oil 5ml
39.95 AUD
Kama Perfumed Oil 30 ml
24.95 AUD
Kama Perfumed Oil Spray 15mls
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